I love to help and facilitate transformation and growth. Book a meeting with me to explore yourself on the physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Combining pranayama (breathing exercises), balance, flexibility, meditation, intention, and strength helps my students learn self-healing techniques and find depth in their practice.
I love teaching Vinyasa, I believe in conscious flowing movement combined with the breath. I emphasize spinal integrity and body alignment with attention to greater embodiment and introspection.

In my classes, we don't lock ourselves into any paradigm. I adapt my classes to the current needs and energy of the group. We awaken the natural flow, preparing the brain to connect with all elements of the body, through isolation-activation and integration.
This brings not only a physical effect, but also a SPIRITUAL one - GROUNDING, CENTERING, SAFETY.

I love my body's ability to heal.
I alchemize science and the sacred to offer you accessible, and gentle practices
and to help you to develop Constant Self Love & Self-Trust.

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My classes provide a safe space for participants to explore their Self on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. In a moving meditation, we build strength and endurance while at the same time, creating a sense of calm and quiet.


I create specialty classes or workshops to meet the needs of my students (Aerial, Yin, Pre-Natal, Therapeutic etc.)

Spriritual Workshops &
One-on-One Sessions

I have the honor of mentoring in one-on-one sessions, recalling the deepest wisdom of your soul and your body, healing the fear of your eternal power, and cultivating your supernatural gifts.If you want to emerge the MOST magical YOU feel free to contact me.



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It's about this balance between effort and rest.
Instead of pushing yourself hard or letting fear hold you back,
in my classes you will learn to listen to your true current needs.
Sometimes it will be immersing yourself in something
unexpected and uncomfortable.
Other times it will be gentle and true relaxation.